Roll to roll printers
Nyala 4 © swissQprint

Nyala 4

The swissQprint flagship and European champion among flatbed printers.

Nyala 4S © swissQprint

Nyala 4S

The printer for high output, fast throughput environments.

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Impala 4 © swissQprint

Impala 4

The right choice for creating great work with high efficiency.

Impala 4S © swissQprint

Impala 4S

The specialist for laying down crisp quality at high speed.

Oryx 4 © swissQprint

Oryx 4

The most performant entry-level flatbed printer.

Karibu © swissQprint


Karibu is all about efficiency, reliability and a huge variety of roll printing applications.

Karibu S © swissQprint

Karibu S

The Karibu S roll to roll printer is designed for high performance in 24/7 operation.

They all are built on the same solid foundation. Yet each of our printers has its own character.