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Redefine quality

We present the flatbed generation 4. It distils 25 years of development experience and the latest technology. It redefines quality. It is user-friendly and efficient. It is your new competitive trump card.

Nyala 4 © swissQprint

Nyala 4

The swissQprint flagship and European champion among flatbed printers.

Nyala is Europe’s favourite printer

best printer 2019
best printer 2020
best printer 2018

6 years in a row

Generation 4

Flatbed icon swissqprint © swissQprint

Impala 4

The right choice for creating great work with high efficiency.

roll to roll swissqprint © swissQprint

Oryx 4

The most performant entry-level flatbed printer.

Neon swissqprint © swissQprint

Neon meets UV: even more variety

Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange

Neon colours open up a whole world of dazzling indoor applications. They are fluorescent in black light.

Karibu-S © swissQprint

Move the limits

Karibu S – the newest and fastest member of our family of roll to roll printers. Top performance with top quality.

Double sided printing Karibu © swissQprint

Automatic double-sided printing

Another feature of Karibu and Karibu S: double-sided printing. An automatic process that's simple and reliable.

swissQprint Benelux Team © swissQprint

New subsidiary in Benelux

The swissQprint family has another member.

More than 1300 customers trust in swissQprint.

They all are built on the same solid foundation. Yet each of our printers has its own character.

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