ProcessStandard Digital Printing

Fogra PSD

All swissQprint machines are supplied “PSD-ready”. Using ICC profiles for the various media used will ensure consistent print quality and colour reproduction fidelity. Ideally, process stability spans not only the entire printing machinery but also the whole production workflow.

The Fogra PSD is closely linked to ISO 12647-2 – an approved standard in offset printing – and follows the requirements of the ISO standard 15311-3 for digital LFP (Large Format Printing). For companies offering digital printing as well as offset, it is essential to have consistency in results produced by either printing technology. Customers expect consistent quality and colour fidelity for every part of their order, where ever and however it was produced. They want to see the same colour standard applied across a whole campaign, from mailings or posters to POS items.

swissQprint large format printers can be included in a standardised process concept because they easily integrate in a Fogra PSD workflow to match the targets of the standard specifications (request the current Fogra PSD manual).

Fogra PSD passed

Quality type A © swissQprint

Quality type A (ISO 15311-3)

Reference applications are full-page colour advertisements, large-format professional studio photos (fine art). Close to proofing standard ISO12647-7.

Quality Fine Art
(highest quality mode)


9 pl

Average ∆E*00
1.47 (≤ 1.50)

95% ∆E*00
4.54 (≤ 5.50)

Quality type B © swissQprint

Quality type B (ISO 15311-3)

Reference applications are product advertising, collaterals, print products with prestigious character for the areas of culture, fashion, art or architecture. Close to validation print standard ISO12647-8.

(production mode)


14 pl

Average ∆E*00
1.66 (≤ 2.50)

95% ∆E*00
5.31 (≤ 7.50)

Quality Type C © swissQprint

Quality type C (ISO 15311-3)

Reference applications are printed matter of a non-luxury nature, editorial section of periodicals and publications.

(draft mode)


14 pl

Average ∆E*00
2.75 (≤ 4.50)

95% ∆E*00
8.22 (≤ 10.50)

The ProcessStandard Digital Printing (PSD) provides guidance for the digital print workflow, target values and tolerances for industry-typical digital printing. Fogra provides three related certifications. Learn more …

swissQprint systems leave the factory with basic settings. Fogra PSD compliance requires users to control their process. This involves the creation and use of appropriate ICC profiles to get accurate colour reproduction with every printing substrate used. The user must check and update these profiles regularly to compensate for possible drift in media properties or printing condition changes such as:

  • white point of the media but also lighting

  • ink (different batches, use of light inks, expanded colour gamut with orange, green, violet)

  • material from different manufacturers (with changing printing properties due to the surface properties)

  • machine behaviour due to environmental conditions (air humidity and temperature)

  • printing system (e.g. changing from flatbed to roll to roll printing)

This chore will pay off in terms of continued process stability and hence customer satisfaction. The print results are predictable while expensive and time-consuming reprints are avoided thanks to greater production reliability.