Generation 4

Step ahead – redefine quality

You want pole position in the digital printing field? Go for it! Redefine quality. With a swissQprint Generation 4 flatbed printer: the latest print head technology and technical sophistication combined.

swissQprint generation 4 © swissQprint

New output standards

Distinguish yourself in the market. Impala 4 and Nyala 4 feature state-of-the-art print heads capable of resolutions up to 1350 dpi. This combined with swissQprint's trademark high-precision droplet placement opens new horizons in output quality. High-performance print heads make Oryx 4 almost 40% more productive than its predecessor.

Tip Switch Vacuum © swissQprint

High comfort

Tip Switch Vacuum makes working a whole lot more light-handed. Literally, because you have full fingertip control of the finely segmented vacuum table. Extremely fast and super simple. Air leakage and taping are things of the past.

Modular range

What applications do you have in mind? What media do you process? How much output do you need? Choose from five models and put together the printer that exactly fits your needs. Better still, you can expand it later at any time.

Want to experience Generation 4 live?

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