Karibu 2

Even higher quality

Are you compromising quality for productivity in roll to roll printing? Those days are over. Karibu has always been efficient, reliable and versatile like no other roll to roll printer. Now comes the second generation, operating with the latest print head technology.

Karibu 2 roll to roll printer © swissQprint

What does this mean for you? Unbeatable quality – at up to 1350 dpi resolution – with high productivity and reliability. Maximum output is 212 square metres per hour – more than the size of a tennis court.

Effective productivity

Effective productivity is driven by much more than just print speed. Think also about set-up and changeover times. Get to know the cassette system, the Tip Switch vacuum and the Mesh Kit, and you will understand what we’re talking about.

More than the usual applications

Karibu 2 prints on a variety of roll media. And the fact that you can also play with varnish effects, textures and neon colours is something that others won’t be able to imitate so fast. Not to mention the registration accuracy essential to multilayer printing on transparent films.

Karibu 2

Even more efficiency
Even more reliability
Even more applications
Even higher quality

See for yourself: Experience Karibu 2 in our showroom. Or via live streaming.