Flexible automation, full versatility

Unloading option

Automate the unloading process and keep your swissQprint flatbed printer operating at high effective productivity. Without compromising application diversity.

swissQprint unloading option © swissQprint

You have full order books, print production is running at top speed and the workforce is stretched to keep up. So it’s good to see the prospect of relief:

Flexible automation

The new unloading option from swissQprint keeps productivity high: It automatically takes various sizes of printed media off the printing table and stacks them up ready for collection and further processing. Meanwhile, your staff has time for other tasks. Like readying the next batch of substrate or operating a second printer.

Compelling facts

Load manually, unload automatically
Application diversity
Simply undock the unloading option
Max. 3.2×2 m boards
Easy handling of large media
Up to four sheets unloaded at once
Process series efficiently

Full versatility

Automation needn’t be full-time. Your flatbed printer retains its characteristic swissQprint versatility. With shorter runs, or when there are special or roll jobs queued up, the unloading option is easily undocked in a few simple steps.

The unloading option is currently in the concept phase, with the finished product expected to become available in 2025.

Interested in finding out more?

Maybe you missed the initial presentation but would like to know more about the unloading option or our range of printers? We will be pleased to provide information or invite you to a demonstration.