New applications, new business

Nyala helps to open markets and drive diversification.

Promopublic is one of Spain's leading companies in decoration and large format printing. Diversification has always been its strategy for minimising business risk, and this is where the versatility of swissQprint's Nyala 3 has become key to securing a continued bright future for the enterprise.

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Promopublic started out as a media agency, founded by Adolfo Andreu 36 years ago. Business soon branched out into billboard printing and installation, and before long, this area had also moved into producing technical vinyl panels for the many ceramics factories that play a large part in the regional economy. Yet making those panels was a laborious, slow, manual task until the arrival of direct printing with UV inks. Now the machines are part of a fully-automated process that includes loading, cleaning, priming, printing and unloading. Promopublic currently has a staff of 97 at work in a 32,000 square metre factory.

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The introduction of digital printing eased Promopublic's entry into a multitude of markets, primarily in the decorative sector. That naturally gave rise to the diversification strategy which drives the company: its offerings have grown beyond technical panels into football stadium decoration, signage and more, as well as a design and layout department with nine people. Under the umbrella of the parent company there are several subsidiaries – Rotyse, Motif, Hispaprint, Onedeco and others – marketing and selling their specific product brands.

Pascual Mezquita, the company's technical director, recalls how Nyala 3 entered this scene: "On our visit to swissQprint in Barcelona to see the machine, we were very struck by its print quality at all speeds, the multitude of applications it can handle, and rapid changeovers from one type of job to another."

Promopublic works with various gauges of substrate including wood, methacrylate, aluminium composite panels, PVC, polypropylene and polycarbonate. "With Nyala we can print roll stock, load the table with six 83×83 cm rigid panels, print 3×2 metre sheets, and always get the optimum print fit with perfect quality," Pascual reports. Thus, the variety of applications keeps on multiplying.

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Increasing orders done in less time

The variety and quantity of jobs entrusted to Promopublic is growing steadily, with typical turnarounds between 24 and 48 hours. Nyala is a great help with this kind of work thanks to the quick changeovers, and very fast operation with a wide range of print modes at visual resolutions up to 2160 dpi. Promopublic's machine is equipped with light cyan, light magenta and white in addition to the standard CMYK inks.

"We were extremely surprised by the power of the machine's vacuum pumps – it's definitely top in that department," Pascual points out. Nyala 3 features two pumps and can set precise boundaries on the vacuum zone, which is a great advantage for printing really close-up to the substrate.

"swissQprint's Nyala 3 meets all our expectations, and gives our most demanding customers the optimal and precise result with the quality they expect," concludes Pascual.

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